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50 things you don't know about me (and maybe don't want to)

edited jan 31, 2008
1 - my first year of school was in scotland. i was taught to add subtract multiply and divide at age 5.
2 - i got glasses and moved to new jersey at age 7. i still haven't recovered from that dual trauma.
3 - i played viola for 8 years, from age 7-15
4 - i have taken lsd over 200 times
5 - i smoked pot for more than 20 years, on a regular basis
6 - i smoked cigarettes for 15 years, quit for ten, smoked for three more, and quit again
7 - the only drugs i do now are caffeine and alcohol
8 - i lost my virginity at age 21 to a woman named twilight on an overstuffed chair in victorville california. i never saw her again.
9 - i once hitchhiked from seal beach california to montclair new jersey in 4 1/2 days
10 - i was in the air force for two weeks
11 - my father is a minister
12 - i own 1/400th of an oil well in texas that earns me about $200 a year.
13 - my first orgasm was in an outhouse in maine
14 - i have committed statutory rape (i was 19, she was 16, no intercourse was involved)
15 - i have paid for sex once (neither one of us had ever done it before)
16 - i was thrown out of high school for smoking pot
17 - i flunked out of college
18 - i wish i could be a rock star
19 - i have rafted through the grand canyon 9 times
20 - i still like bill clinton, but less
21 - i was a vegetarian once for two weeks because i was interested in a girl who was
22 - i once drove 75 mph on a residential street just to see if i could do it
23 - i have $10,000 in credit card debt (not any more. it got up to 18K before i paid it off)
24 - i was a bed wetter
25 - i am lactose intolerant. cheese gives me gas
26 - i am completely monogamous, even when i am in an unhealthy loveless relationship
27 - i caught my first serious girlfriend in bed with another man
28 - we are still friends
29 - i almost slept with a good friend's girlfriend
30 - i haven't see either since
31 - pornography turns me on
32 - love turns me on more
33 - i sometimes experience brief impotence the first time i am with a woman
34 - cunnilingus is one of my favorite things in life
35 - i have faked an orgasm
36 - one of the things i want most is to walk on the moon
37 - i used to hit my sister when we were little
38 - i love dogs and cats, but mostly dogs
39 - i have stood 10 feet away from a wild deer without frightening it
40 - i rescued a hummingbird from my room once, and held it in my hand
41 - i have no friends from high school
42 - i have no friends from college
43 - i have one friend from art school
44 - i didn't have a girlfriend in high school
45 - i shaved my head for the junior prom. my arranged date screamed and ran away
46 - i have flat feet
47 - i am legally blind without my glasses
48 - until i got contacs, every girl who kissed me said i was the first guy with glasses she had ever kissed
49 - i had really bad acne as a teen
50 - i took an experimental drug for it called Retin-A

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