i (i) wrote,

a puppy has been hanging around our switch for the past four days. i saw it for the first time today, and fell in love. i have wanted a dog forever, and this one is so cute, and needy. she was obviously abandoned by someone, and hungry and thirsty. when we went off to lunch, she ran behind the truck for 1/2 mile. i bought some food to bring back, and decided to take her home, but she was gone. i hope she is ok. if i hadn't paid attention to her, she never would have followed the truck, so its like she was abandoned again. i hope she makes it back, even though adopting her would put a monkey wrench in some plans i have been making, to work over seas and such, i really love dogs, and being deliberately single, would love the companionship. the only thing i miss about my ex girlfriend is our dog. if she is there tomorrow, i'm going to bring her home immediately.

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