i (i) wrote,

power to the peaceful

i last saw michael franti two years ago, with nicole. i think that night was the closest we ever were.

i'm not getting maudlin about this, it's just a fact, and i only bring it up as a testament to the power of this man and his message.

tonights show was just as powerful.

some highlights, in the form of lyric bits:

we can chase down all our enemies
bring them to their knees
we can bomb the world to pieces
but we can’t bomb it into peace


I believe that what you sing to the clouds,
Will rain upon you when your sun has gone away,
And I believe that what you dream to the moon,
Will manifest before you rest another day.


Even our worst enemies Lord, they deserve music.


And it's never too late to start the day over

It's never too late to pick up the phone

(pick up the phone and call me)

It's never too late to lay your head down on my shoulders

It's never too late to come on home,

come on home
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